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Experiment cx21

A new series with epsoides coming out weekly!

Collin is financially strained after losing another job. Desperate to support his wife and daughter, he gets an offer for money from a mysterious scientist. Collin agrees to be experimented on in exchange for a life-changing amount of money.

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The 13th room

Twelve strangers wake up in a room with no clue how they got there. Now they have to follow a killer's instructions or suffer the consequences. On the outside, police officer, Lacy Grant, is trying to find her missing partner and stumbles into far more than she bargained for.

In this murder mystery, time is running out and nobody is innocent.

The 13Th Room Book in Denver CO

Amazon Reviewer, United States

"This is a page turner! Very quick read. Arthur says there is a sequel coming out this year. Cannot wait to find out what happens."

The Forgotten Sorcerer

A weekly series with new epsoides coming out July 2024!

A twist of fantasy and adventure awaits...

A ten-year-old boy is carted in magical chains to the world's very first trial. He knows he's done something unforgivable, but he can't remember what he did or even who he is.

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About The Author

Joseph Shane was born in 1994 in Denver, Colorado. At the age of 12, he cracked open his first fantasy novel by Jeff Stone and from that moment on, he was obsessed with martial arts and reading. After getting to explore so many amazing worlds that other people created, he began creating and writing his own. 

On September 28th 2020, He published his first short story, Thief of Sentiment, and then on May 15th 2021, he published the sequel, Thief of Freedoms.

In July of 2021, he released a weekly horror/mystery series on Amazon's Kindle Vella called "The 13th Room", which has recently made it well into the second season. He has more projects on the way as well!

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