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Thief of Sentiment

An ongoing mini-series with the next release scheduled in January 2025. 

Levy is on the run from an entire village of white-haired people. He stole something insignificant, but it seems they mean to kill him. He gets away from them but stumbles onto something far more dangerous. Will he realize the trap that he is in before it's too late? Or will he become yet another victim?


Thief of Freedoms

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Levy wakes up in the middle of the forest, surrounded by a group of people. All the people have white hair. Levy can't remember how he got there or why he has white hair like all of them. 

his journey was.png

Coming Soon: So...I woke up as a squirrel...

Join us for an Action Adventure LITRPG

Sage is a regular, lonely person who just wants to make it by in life. She has no friends or family but hopes that someday she'll be able to form lasting relationships and find a place that she can call home. One night she falls asleep on the streets of earth and when she wakes up, she finds herself in another world... As a squirrel.

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